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RV Dog House - The Mini Slim Roller


For my next project, I (Eric) was planning on building a desk. However, when I mentioned it to Shirin, it didn’t really excite her. But when I said, “how about a miniature version of our RV (nicknamed the Slim Roller) as a doghouse for Pickles”, she got very excited. That’s how I knew I had my next project. Here it is,  (mostly) completed, with Pickles inside:

It's a 1/10" scale of our actual RV:

The back is actually the door, it’s just closed right now. Notice the pop out to the left:

On the real Slim Roller, we put stickers of all the favorite national parks we see. I made stickers for each of Pickles' favorite dog parks

Pickles tends to hang out in his Mini Slim Roller in the evening and any time he wants some alone time

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